Q: What grade do I have to be in to audition?
A: Auditions are open to students grades 9-12 for the high school honor orchestras.  Students auditioning for the Junior High All-State Orchestra must be in either grade 7 or 8.

Q: Do I have to submit two separate forms if I’m auditioning for both Honor Strings and Honor Symphony?
A: No. You only need to submit one form and a separate recording for each orchestra.

Q: Can I use the same recording for both the CODA Symphony Orchestra and the All-State Orchestra?
A: Yes, you can submit a copy of your CODA Symphony audition with your All State application. However, non-string players must submit their All State auditions to CBDA. Please see the CBDA website for audition details.

Q: Why didn’t I make it into the orchestra this year when I made it in previous years?
A: There could be numerous reasons. Here are a few possible answers: ​

  1. The quality of the recording is poor.  Please check that there is no additional reverb and the volume of recording is not too loud or too soft.
  2. The competition changes. Every time you audition for one of the orchestras, you are competing against different people. Spots are limited and we take the top recordings.

Q: Are the results listed in ranking order?
A: Strings are listed in alphabetical order (last name), but wind and brass players will be listed in ranking order. Seating auditions for string players will take place during the first rehearsal. Excerpts from the music you will be performing will be used for these auditions.

Q: I have been accepted into CODA, why have I not received any music or information.
A: We contact everyone via e-mail. Please make sure your e-mail address is clearly written. If you have not received any information within a week of the audition results going up, please contact the Executive Director at coda.music@mac.com

Q: I found out I have a scheduling conflict, ie. school event, SAT’s, etc. Can I miss a couple of hours of rehearsal?
A. No. Rehearsal time is limited and can not be missed by any student. If you have a conflict, you will have to make a decision and let us know immediately. If you are not able to keep your participation commitment, you will forfeit fees paid and become ineligible from future CODA Honor Orchestra participation.

Q: Can I participate in CODA if I am not in my school music program, but I play in the local youth orchestra?
A: If there is an existing school orchestra or band at your high school, you must be enrolled to participate. No exceptions.

Q: What if my school does not have an orchestra or band?
A: If your school does not have a string orchestra and/or band program and you play in your local youth orchestra, you may have the director of your youth orchestra send in the Director’s Form. If there is no option for a youth orchestra, then your private teacher may step in. Please note that the youth orchestra or private teacher will still be responsible for the school fee.

Q: What if I’m home schooled?
A: Home school and independent study students are eligible for CODA orchestras if they are current members of an appropriate public or private school instrumental ensemble in their area of residence.  A waiver of this policy may be considered for a student who has been denied access to a school program by the school administration and provides written verification thereof.